Born in China Still - Golden Snub-nosed Monkey

Born in China

Medieval Monsters

ACFF 2016 Student Winner Laurels Large10 Minutes
Filmmaker: Oliver Mueller

Click Image For Trailer!

Click Image For Trailer!

The New Forest of England has remained unchanged for centuries and while many of the country’s ancient beasts have long since vanished, here the creatures of old can still be found. This film captures their lives using macro, slow motion and time-lapse techniques to reveal behaviors beyond the capabilities of the human eye. Dueling dragonflies, acid-firing ants and jousting stag beetles take center stage in this world of medieval monsters.

Two Screenings!  Screens on Sunday, October 23 during BLOCK 8, which begins at 3:30 pm at Reynolds Hall on the Shepherd University Campus.  Encore screening on Sunday, October 30 during BLOCK 16, which begins at 6:00 pm at the Frank Center on the Shepherd University Campus.

Dare to Be Wild

102 min

Filmmaker:Vivienne DeCourcy

From the green hills of Ireland to arid Ethiopia, to London’s Chelsea, Dare to be Wild is a romantic adventure based on the against-all-odds true story of Mary Reynolds, a modern-day heroine, whose quest is to show the world the power of wild nature as she reaches for her dreams – one garden, one vast desert, at a time.


Dare to be Wild

Electric Amazon

46 min

Filmmakers: Kira Ivanoff and Jess Reiss

In the network of rivers and streams that crisscross the Amazon there is a hidden electric grid – a bizarre community of fish that have an electric sixth sense. They can communicate wirelessly, control each other remotely and emit shocks that can stop a human heart. Electric Amazon unlocks their electric code.

12:40 pm on Saturday at NCTC Family Theater – Block 4


Electric Amazon


4 min

Filmmaker: Lily Williams

What happens if sharks disappear? FINconceivable is an animated short that explores the important role sharks play in our world and what could happen if the ocean’s fiercest predators ceased to exist.

1:30 pm on Saturday at the NCTC Family Theater – Block 4


Flamingo Factory

7 min

Filmmakers: Turk Pipkin, Christy Pipkin

The Nobelity Project takes a stunning look at the critical threat to East Africa’s millions of flamingos from proposed soda ash mining at Lake Natron in Tanzania and demonstrates how local acts have global impacts.

12:30 pm on Saturday at the NCTC Family Theater – Block 4