Mosaic of Diversity

2004 FESTIVAL 22 min. A stunning documentary of the natural and…

One Wild Ride: Yukon to Yellowstone

2004 FESTIVAL 45 min. Join in a 5,000 mile mountain journey lead…

Possum Rest

2004 FESTIVAL 5 min.

Snow Geese in Peril

2004 FESTIVAL 11 min.

Wildlife Refuge Centennial: Buttman

2004 FESTIVAL 3 min.

Crab Orchard Critters

2003 FESTIVAL 3 min.

Island Out of Time: Chesapeake’s Smith Island

2003 FESTIVAL 26 min. An island in danger of disappearing.

Recovering a Species: The Red Wolf

2003 FESTIVAL 23 min. The history of a daring effort to bring…

Yosemite: The Fate of Heaven

58 min A provocative examination of our relationship to the national…