Announcing our 2021 Official Selections!

After taking 2020 ‘off’ to move our Annual Festival from fall to spring, it’s finally here – our 18th American Conservation Film Festival!

Everyone here at ACFF has been brimming with excitement to share our 2021 line-up with you. Our selection teams have chosen 47 amazing films — many with diverse creators and subjects — and nearly half are from women filmmakers (our highest percentage yet)! At least a dozen of these films, including our Green Fire Award winner, center on the experiences, cultures, and stories of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

We know these films will captivate and inspire you just as they did us.These “Voices for a New World” share stories of human resilience, the magical wonder of our natural world, and how change is often started by just one person whose passion moved them to take action.

But, don’t take our word for it! Check out our film guide where you can see what the 5 award winners are and watch trailers for each film.

FREE Access for All!

2020 gave us the ‘gift’ of learning how to convert an in-person Festival to a virtual experience. While nothing beats seeing a breathtaking film on the big screen, we did realize that streaming films online allows us to expand our reach way beyond Shepherdstown. Which got us to thinking…one of our primary missions is to offer these exceptional films, most of which are obscure and not otherwise available to the public, to as many people in as many places as possible, with easy access for all. We want to include people from all backgrounds, locations, socioeconomic levels, and perspectives which led us to the decision to offer our entire 2021 online festival for FREE! (Your donations, of course, are always welcome and there will be options to donate when you register.)

However, producing an online festival is not free. We still require funds to pay for the streaming platform, screening fees, and the awards to our filmmakers. We are seeking major sponsors who can help cover the income we would typically generate from ticket sales and other income garnered at an in-person festival.

Please contact Executive Director Jennifer Lee at for more info on how we can acknowledge your support.

A huge and warm thank you to everyone who made a donation to ACFF this fall and winter. Your gestures of support keep us keeping on!

ACFF 2021 Festival

About the Festival Image

Our 2021 Festival image is a production shot from Where I Belong, courtesy of filmmaker Chris Cresci. This 2021 ACFF Short Film Award Winner features Chris Hill, an environmental lobbyist and angler, who never saw people like herself on the river until recently. Through social media platforms like Instagram, traditionally underrepresented voices are creating communities to encourage one another and amplify their message – “We belong here too.” We think Chris perfectly embodies our Festival theme and is truly a Voice for a New World.

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