ACFF ONLINE: Thursday, September 24 • 6pm – 9pm
Best of Fest – Berryville

in partnership with the Barns of Rose Hill

Dive Deep with us for an Ocean Extravaganza! We are pleased to present FIVE marine-themed films from our 2019 annual Festival – four fascinating short films and one feature film about a filmmaker’s extraordinary encounter with and video footage of a humpback whale in Monterey Bay, California. These films highlight the incredible world beneath the water and its importance in the health of the entire global ecosystem.

Showing: In Your Hands, Into the Deep Unknown, The Snail-Smashing, Fish-spearing, Eye-Popping Mantis Shrimp, Radio Free Orca: A Broadcast for World Peace and our feature: Humpback Whales: A Detective Story, starring and directed by Tom Mustill who will join us for a pre-recorded Q & A session about the film and his experience.

$10/person. Students 18 & under free.



American Conservation Film Festival announces changes to schedule, submission rate

By Tabitha Johnston Special to The Journal The American Conservation…
Sarah Gulick
Women in Fire

At a time of uncertainty, ACFF uses film to inspire change for the better.

In this time of a global pandemic and movement towards racial…

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this film fest! So inspiring. Leaves me craving more.”

“As a student filmmaker, I was in awe at my time here. Equally informative and intimate, I had real one on one time with professionals outside of the festival. I hope one day I can give back to the festival as much as it gave to me this weekend!”

“Thank you again for inviting me to be a part of your amazing film festival. It was a wonderful experience and I was really impressed by all the students!”

“Diverse and inspiring selection of films with excellent speakers.”

“Because of the workshop, I feel plugged into a community of talented, kind, supportive, inspiring filmmakers and people working in conservation media that before felt so distant and separate from my work.”

“The ACFF purpose is clear, the setting is perfect, the organization is calm and effective.”

“A fabulous contribution to the Shepherdstown community and to science awareness, more generally. Thanks!”

“The speakers and discussions were thoughtful and continue to inspire us in the ways we can be better citizens of the planet. This inspiration is what keeps me involved and returning to ACFF. Your hard work paid off in spades as this was the best ACFF I have attended.”

“A great source of inspiration!”

“The Filmmaker Workshop [is] a great gathering of young filmmaking talent in the nature and conservation fields.”

A fabulous contribution to the Shepherdstown community and to science awareness, more generally. Thanks!

“Your event always has so many special touches…I love the mixture of young and old as we all join together in your tireless efforts.”

I loved “SEED:The Untold Story” and was so appreciative to have the opportunity to see it in Berryville! It makes me want to start my own personal seed bank!

A fabulous contribution to the Shepherdstown community and to science awareness, more generally. Thanks!

“The whole spirit of the festival is so enticing and exciting – you cannot miss this festival!”

So informative and inspiring—I’m always so impressed.

“We are thrilled that this amazing organization brings these films to our area—Thank you!”

I love this film festival.

“Professionalism and presentation match that of any NYC film festival I’ve seen over 10 years.”

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