So many individuals have stepped up to support us during this challenging time and we are tremendously grateful. Your contributions allow us to present most of our programming for free, providing access for all who want to participate and enjoy extraordinary films and interesting conversations.

Thank you to these individuals who donated between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021.

Please contact us at if we have made an error or omission of your name.

(*$2,000 or more)
Marianne Alexander
Elise and Martin Baach
Frances Brolle*
Sarah Cohen
Barbara Spicher and Martin Burke
Beverley Byrd and Keith Harrington
Lawrence Dean and Mina Goodrich*
Stephen Pettler
Cathleen McCoy and Nick Snow
Patrick Shunney
Carolyn and Bruce Thomas
Hank Willard*

GUARDIAN ($500+)
Marcy Bartlett
Mark Burgess
Jim Campbell and Nancy Hooff
Roberta L. Debiasi, MD
Jack Eggleston
Barbara and Andy Ferrari
Mark and Susan Galbraith
Chris Hoelzl
Sue Kemnitzer
Kit McGinnis
Thomas Mika and Ora Christi Maynes
Janet Olcott
Barbara Spicher and Martin Burke
Elisabeth Staro
Carolyn and Bruce Thomas
Christina van Hilst
Frank and Annette van Hilst
Roy Winkel
Lynn and Chess Yellott

Athena – Women for Change
Clarke County Cadre
Equine Associates
New Street
Sisu Sisters
The van Filmsters
Zinn Rogers

STEWARD ($250+)
Lauren and Chris Ames
Andy Arnold and Carmela Cesare
Alice and Neal Barkus
Barbara Bergman
Janna Bond
Jeff Feldman and Kristin Alexander
Sarah Gulick
Alexandra Hazel
Judy Jones
Ian McBride
Kakie and Andrew McMillan
Candy and Howard Means
Lex and Pam Miller
Kirsten Martin and Sean Murtagh
Sara Reynolds and John Deupree
Lisa Sheppard
Michael and Nancy Spensley
Bonnie and Bill Stubblefield
Linda Walker
Lisa and Paul Welch

Jenny Ewing Allen
Martin Amerikaner
Stephen Ayraud
Dow Benedict and Annette Gloomis
Molly Bloom
Susan and Joseph Brookreson
Geoffrey Brown
Page Carter
Bridget Cohee
Laura Dabinett
Peggy Duvall
Dana Fogle
Mary Fortuna and Chris Kuser
Diana Gaviria
Lucille Harris
Iris and Gary Heichel
Kathryn and Donald Henry
Michael Hobert and Mary Jane Lee
Lucetta and Marten Jenkins
Nanette Johnson
Sara Jones
Dave Kirkwood
Jennifer Lee
Dennis Liu
Juliet Mackay-Smith
Amy Mathews Amos
Thompson Mayes
Kathrine McMillan
Leah Robinson and Bill McShea
Ann Miles
Pia Peltola and Andrew Singletary
Kate Petranech
Joana Ribeiro
Mary Ruos
Lois Schiffer
R Michael Shepp
Lois Spreen
Brenda Thorne and Wayne Bronson
Marie Tyler-McGraw
Johnna Armstrong and Paul Woods

Susan Bailey
Molly Bloom
Judith Booker
Kirk Brandt
Susan Cash
Meredith Wait and Deb Dickinson
Philip Fitzpatrick
Charlotte and Carl Frasch
Rod Glover
Jennifer Helwig
Kathryn Henry
Marty Hiatt
Bill & Libby Howard
Arthur Impastato
Catherine Irwin
Georgia Jeppesen
Catherine Jozwik

Emily and Ron Kaltenbaugh
Judith Katz-Leavy
Lisa Kenny
Susan Kern
Margie Lance
Carol and Steven Maass
Amy DuBrueler and John McGrath
Gretchen Meadows
Sharon Metcalf
Debra Ousse
Chris Powell
Tracy Riordan
Jen Rolston and Patrick Shunney
Kathleen Seiler
Carmen and Austin Slater
Susan Hirsch and Michael Sullivan
Neil and Jane Super
Heidi Cornwell Trout
Raymond van Hilst
Rose Wayland
Julia Yuhasz
Christine Hope Duewel and Edward Zahniser

PATRON ($25+)
Gary Auerbach
Robert Ballard
Zach Beadle
Kaye Berman
Anna Billman
Dina Boogard
Joette Borzik and Rich Parker
Beth Brent
S Anne Christopher
Lynn Coddington and Patricia Hamilton
Richard Cohen
Abby Colihan
Rhona Collins
Tom Connelly
Marianne Davis
Matthew DesRosiers
Shawna DeWitt
Katherine Dropp
Philip Fitzpatrick
Carolina Ford
Barbara Hartman
Beth Pettler Hendricks
Patricia Hoffman
Pat Holobaugh
Eileen Kraus-Jakobsberg
Carolyn Holcomb and John Lacey
Steve Luke
Cate Magennis Wyatt
Kathy Morotti
Stephen Paradis
Pam Parziale
Beth Pettler Hendricks
Jeff Pinyan
Tracy Riordan
Nikole Sarvay
Barbara Shaffer
Virginia and Robert Singdahlsen
Michelle Smith
Will Snyder
Emilie Stander
Gabrielle Tokach
Deborah Tucker
Joan Van Brunt
Martha Wetherholt
JC Wilson
Rie Wilson
Susan Wolcott
CB Wunger