Conserving Iberá

Conserving Ibera

This inspiring short is about the work that has taken place to restore the incredibly biodiverse ecosystems of northern Argentina. In this inspiring interview, Kris Tompkins tells the story about how her organization, Tompkins Conservation, has rewilded the land, bringing back species and involving communities in their conservation work.

Action Opportunity…

Find out all about the Tompkins Foundation, the Conservation Land Trust and the Iberá Project.

Filmmakers: Andreea and Justin Lotak

Running Time: 10 mins

Language: English

Andreea Lotak
Justin Lotak

Andreea and Justin Lotak are co-founders of the nonprofit organization Conservation Atlas. Andreea and Justin have been working to create films about conservation projects worldwide that benefit from increased sustainable tourism. With four more conservation films in progress, Conserving Iberá is their organization’s first film. To learn more about their work, visit