Coral Lights

Coral Lights

Filled with life and vibrant colors, coral reefs are some of the world’s most bio-diverse ecosystems built by small yet amazing creatures. One quarter of our ocean’s life depends on them, and they depend on us. Discover the wonders of coral reefs and how we can rescue them from fading away. (Student Film – London College of Communication – University of the Arts)

Action Opportunity

Check out what you can do
to help protect coral reefs

Filmmaker: Maru Hernández

Running Time: 5 mins

Language: English

2021 ACFF OfficialSelection
Maru Hernández

Maru Hernández, Filmmaker

Hernández is a Mexican art director with a curious mind, collaborative spirit and a multidisciplinary drive that has led to the development of unique, creative, and visual concepts for an array of projects, ranging from film and video campaigns to immersive VR/AR experiences and product design. Her attention to detail brings projects to life by stitching together the elements to build the world and narrative surrounding every project.