Dead in the Water

A Student Film

Over 2,000 concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) litter southeastern North Carolina. The animal waste from these farms runs into the Cape Fear River, threatening water quality and public health. These farms are hidden in rural counties where residents are exposed to raw animal waste. Dead in the Water exposes the stories and solutions behind these industrial farms.

Action Opportunity…

Read the filmmaker’s suggestions on how you can vote with your dollars, eat a more plant-based diet and support new legislation regarding CAFO’s.

Filmmaker: Lizzie Bankowski

Running Time: 43 mins

Language: English


Lizzie Bankowski is a documentary filmmaker, nonfiction writer, and environmental advocate. Lizzie uses documentary filmmaking to foster positive environmental and social change. Her films have played at Cucalorus Festival, Womens’ International Film Festival, and Oaxaca Film Festival. Lizzie is currently directing a documentary short about sustainable seafood in Virginia Beach.