Fueling Faith: The Oily Secrets Behind Climate Denial

Fueling Faith

A Student Film

An evangelical organization, The Cornwall Alliance, is cultivating the ideology that humanity’s future is doomed in the eyes of god if we step towards a greener future. Scientists, economists, and other experts uncover a complex web of financial and political ties to fossil fuel companies, revealing the organization’s hidden agenda.

Action Opportunity…

Find out more about the Cornwall Alliance investigated in this student film.

Filmmaker: Abigail Mellinger

Running Time: 16 mins

Language: English

Abigail Mellinger

Abigail Mellinger is an Ithaca College graduate that majored in documentary studies and production. She served as the executive producer on multiple documentaries ranging in a wide variety of topics that highlight climate/social and political justice. As a certified stress and rescue diver, she is also passionate about the ocean. She enjoys underwater photography and videography and has been published in Southern Boating Magazine.