In Your Hands

In Your Hands

Through use of visceral imagery, emotional score and powerful repurposing of a forgotten John F. Kennedy presidential speech recording, a timeless theme emerges. In Your Hands begs viewers to look inward and rediscover our connection with the natural world, specifically the ocean. The message is a comforting reminder of our origin, but also our responsibility to honor it.

Action Opportunity…

Read JFK’s full speech here.

Filmmaker: Brandon Moore

Running Time: 1 min

Language: English

Brandon Moore

Brandon Moore is an award-winning director, producer, and editor. With a healthy dose of magic-hour landscapes and captivating characters, his visual storytelling lives delicately between the real and imaginary.  Brandon aims to craft stories that explore deeper philosophical questions, capturing moments of joy, misery, and everything in between. Based in Oakland, CA he produces short documentaries, music videos, commercials, and is a founding member of Bone+Gold, a Bay Area based production company.