It’s Bean Too Hot

Can you imagine our world without coffee? It’s a very real possibility. It’s Bean Too Hot tells the story of the coffee heroes – small farmers in Costa Rica and Tanzania who are fighting climate change every day to save their livelihoods and your daily cup of coffee.

Be sure to watch our REAL coffee talk with sustainable coffee roasters Bill Wilson and Serina Roy»

Filmmaker: Hedvika Michnova

Running Time: 25 mins

Language: English

Hedvika Michnova is a filmmaker and photographer from the Czech Republic, currently based in Bristol UK. She recently graduated with a degree in Marine and Natural History Film at Falmouth University and is currently working for Plimsoll Productions. Hedvika is passionate about telling environmental and conservation stories and making a difference with the films she makes. (Student Film – Marine and Natural History Film, Falmouth University, UK)