Koa Talking to Me

Koa Talking to Me

Junior’s connection with koa trees, one of the rarest and most threatened trees in the world, on his native Hawaiian island compels him to conserve and honor the spirt of fallen trees that would normally be wasted. His way of using the trees connects him to one of his oldest native traditions.

Action Opportunity

Learn more about how to
support efforts to restore native forests.

Filmmaker: David Ehrenberg

Running Time: 5 mins

Language: English

2021 ACFF OfficialSelection
David Ehrenberg

David Ehrenberg, Filmmaker

Ehrenberg is a staff filmmaker for the National Park Service working out of the Harpers Ferry Center for Interpretive Design. Prior to joining the NPS, he worked on National Geographic’s digital video team. In 2016, Ehrenberg received his Master of Arts in cinema producing from Regent University and enjoys a hands-on approach to documentary filmmaking.