Plastic Pollution and the Pristine Arctic

Plastic Pollution and the Pristine Arctic

Plastic waste is increasing in the once ‘pristine’ wilderness of the Arctic. Scientists say almost everywhere they have looked in the Arctic Ocean, they’ve found plastic pollution. In the northern fjords of Norway, one man is on a mission to pick up as much plastic as he can. But could bottle deposit schemes help turn the tide? Norway’s decades-old bottle deposit system is the best in the world – but is it enough if the rest of the world doesn’t take action? A duo of two short films take a look at both the problem and a possible solution to the world’s plastic pollution.

Action Opportunity…

Read an article from National Geographic about the spread of micro-plastics into the world’s most remote areas.

Filmmaker: Charlotte Pamment

Running Time: 4 mins

Language: English


Charlotte Pamment is a filmmaker and journalist with the BBC. She focuses on the environment and conservation. This past year, Charlotte has reported on deforestation in Poland’s Bialowezia forest, plastic pollution in the Arctic, illegal fishing off the West coast of Africa and Zimbabwe’s all-female anti-poaching unit. She is currently working on a film about rainforest destruction in Indonesia