Public Trust

GREEN FIRE AWARD WINNER In a time of growing income inequality in America, there is one asset that remains in the hands of the American people: the 640 million acres of America’s Public Lands. Given its status as the last large-scale public asset in the world, powerful forces have aligned to attempt the biggest land grab in modern history, rob Americans of their unique birthright, and make modern day vassals of the American people. (Yes, we had to look up “vassals.”)

Be sure to watch the Conversations related to this film (choose with closed captioning (CC) or translated into American Sign Language (ASL):
• Interview with Hal Herring
• The Critical Role of First Nations Leaders in Preserving Wild Lands with Angelo Baca and Bernadette Demienteff
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Action Opportunity

Look up conservation initiatives that support
public land and water by advocating for effective
federal management and healthy ecosystems.

Filmmaker: David Garrett Byars

Running Time: 96 mins

Language: English

David Garrett Byars

David Garrett Byars, Filmmaker

Byars made his directorial debut at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival with No Man’s Land (Tribeca 2017, Independent Lens), a documentary about the 2016 militia occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge that sparked international headlines. Byars also produced and lensed Massacre River (Hot Docs 2019, ITVS), Suzan Beraza’s film about statelessness in the Dominican Republic.