Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm

For 25 years, Henry Brockman has worked alongside nature to grow delicious organic vegetables on his idyllic Midwestern farm, but farming takes a toll on his aging body and Henry dreams of scaling back. So he puts his former apprentices in charge of the farm, while spending a “fallow year” with his wife Hiroko in Japan. But things don’t turn out as planned, and Henry must grapple with the future of farming in a changing climate on personal, generational, and global levels.

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Action Opportunity

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Filmmaker: Ines Sommer

Running Time: 83 mins

Language: English

2021 ACFF OfficialSelection
Ines Sommer

Ines Sommer, Filmmaker

Directing and producing films ranging from experimental shorts to feature documentaries, Sommer serves as the Associate Director of the MFA in Documentary Media program in Northwestern University’s Radio/TV/Film Department, where she also teaches. She also co-founded and directed the non-profit media arts group Percolator Films, organizing numerous film events. Films include Count Me In, Beneath the Blindfold, and The Curators of Dixon School. Her camerawork has been featured by Kartemquin Films and the Kindling Group.