The Caretakers

A journey into the weird, wonderful and truly astonishing lives of the small yet mighty creatures who keep the world turning – beetles. They have been successful for millions of years, yet they’re in serious trouble; what does the future hold for these incredibly important animals, and for us if they disappear?

Filmmaker: Tom Hanner

Running Time: 21 mins

Language: English


Tom Hanner is an award-winning British photographer, filmmaker and Naturalist. From a young age, Tom has been infatuated with the natural world, leading him to study a Masters degree in Marine Biology at the University of Southampton. With an MA in Directing & Producing Science and Natural History from the National Film & Television School, Tom is a highly motivated and creatively driven wildlife filmmaker with 9 years diving and 3 years self-shooting, self-producing filming experience.

Since graduating in January, Tom has been working for various production companies on projects for the BBC and major US streamers. Educating others about the natural world for work, whether it be through social media, photography and filmmaking to just starting a geeky natter with people has been a dream come true for him.