The Compost Story


One of nature’s most astonishing processes, the black gold we call compost has been undervalued for too long! Compost as the regenerating, probiotic solution for our depleted land could play a major role in rebalancing the world’s carbon cycle. Turning polluting waste streams into a valuable resource is a win-win proposition, an elegant solution to many of our modern day problems.

Action Opportunities
Learn about the business of composting with the US Composting Council.

Filmmaker: Finian Makepeace

Running Time: 7 mins

Finian is a recording artist, activist, and self-taught soil advocate whose passion for changing the world brought him to study political science at UCLA. As co-founder of Kiss the Ground, he strives to make the world a more peaceful and harmonious place for humans and all of nature. Finian resides in Venice, loves to make music, build gardens, and bring people together for common causes.