The Rise of Vertical Farming

The food system is currently organized very inefficiently. Our food travels thousands of miles, uses an excessive amount of water, is wasted on a tremendous scale, and contaminates the environment. And yet, the 7 billion residents of the planet – mostly living in large cities – must be fed. In an attempt to achieve this in a sustainable manner, food production must be integrated into the urban infrastructure.  This film offers innovative solutions from around the globe!

Action Opportunity
Learn why the USDA says that, beyond providing fresh local produce, vertical agriculture could help increase food production and expand agricultural operations as the world’s population is projected to exceed 9 billion by 2050 here.

Filmmaker: Geert Rozinga

Running Time: 47 mins

Geert Rozinga is a Dutch director who has made documentaries and series for about 20 years. For the future affairs television series VPRO backlight, he directed multiple episodes that focus on subjects such as sustainability and city planning. He also directed the acclaimed series Netherlands From Above (2011) and Hidden Holland (2017). Both series won the Prix Italia and show The Netherlands from a spectacular perspective through data visualizations and historic animations.