Where I Belong

SHORT FILM AWARD WINNER – Chris Hill, an environmental lobbyist and angler, never saw people like herself on the river until recently. Through social media platforms like Instagram, traditionally underrepresented voices are creating communities to encourage one another and amplify their message – “We belong here too.”

Action Opportunity

Follow Chris Hill and share images of
BIPOC fishing on Instagram to normalize
representation of minorities outdoors

Filmmaker: Chris Cresci

Running Time: 9 mins

Language: English

Chris Cresci

Chris Cresci, Filmmaker

With ten years of experience shooting, directing, and editing short nonfiction content, Cresci is now based in Portland, OR. His extensive documentary background makes him comfortable working with small crews in remote locations: from California’s redwood canopy to the Andean peaks of Argentina. Having the privilege to connect with humans from across the world has been one of his life’s great joys.