Women in Fire

Less than 4% of firefighters are women. When she was a young girl, Lacey England never considered being a firefighter an option because she never saw a women firefighter. But after her friend encouraged her into the job, she joined the Helitack crew to rappel out into distant wildfires. Now, Lacey is on a mission to show young girls the power of her example – anyone can be a firefighter.

Action Opportunity…

Check out the Women in Fire website, which provides resources on women’s issues for fire service leaders.

Filmmaker: Tim Kressin

Running Time: 8 mins

Language: English

Tim Kressin

Tim Kressin is the co-founder of Wondercamp, a company focused on telling the stories of adventurers and those who work to change the status quo. Kressin has worked in over 30 countries, creating both brand content and documentaries.