A Message from the Future of Paradise

A Message from the Future of Paradise

Set 50 years in the future after the 2018 Camp Fire in California and reflecting on the rebuilding process in Paradise, this film is comprised of 12 original paintings documented from start to finish with stop-motion. With each stroke and step, the path forward becomes clearer, creating a blueprint for communities around the world who are facing disastrous conditions and seeking to create a better world.

Action Opportunity

Learn about how the people of Paradise
are building back better.

Filmmaker: Allen Myers

Running Time: 8 mins

Language: English

Allen Myers

Allen Myers, Filmmaker

A second generation Paradisian, filmmaker and community organizer, Myers’ work centers around earth and community. He is founder and director of The Earth Day Film Festival, which seeks to operate with earth-first practices. He’s director of Regenerating Paradise, an emergent community group seeking to reweave the social fabric of Paradise. Myers is also a member of a sketch comedy team performing in Hollywood.