Hidden Life

An exploration of the controversy behind the “Rigs to Reefs” program, which allows decommissioned oil platforms to stay in the marine environment to act as artificial reefs.

Action Opportunities
Learn about different viewpoints of experts in the field about the “Rigs to Reefs” practice of converting decommissioned offshore oil and petroleum rigs into artificial reefs here.
See what the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement has to say here.

Student Filmmakers: Hannah Mattner and Kaitlyn Satter

Running Time: 18 mins

Hannah Mattner is a filmmaker currently studying documentary film and environmental science at Chapman University. Growing up, she always had a camera in her hand, taking photographs and making videos of anything that caught her attention. When Hannah began traveling, her eyes opened to a whole world of untold stories, and she grew a desire to go out and tell them.