I Am Salmon

Duncan Berry, artist, poet, and former salmon troller captain, shares his gratitude and passion for the sea through his words and practice of Gyotaku, the ancient Japanese art of printing fish, twisting our human-centric perspective of conservation toward one that reveres the creatures humans share this world with.


  • 7pm Saturday, March 11
  • 12:30pm Sunday, March 12

Filmmaker: Whit Hassett

Narration: Duncan Berry

Running Time: 2:59

Language: English

Type: Short/Super Short Film Award Winner

ACFF 2023 Super Short Award
I am Salmon - Whit Hassett (Credit Ben Moon)

A documentary filmmaker, aquatic ecologist, and drone pilot, Whit Hassett aspires to bring stewardship and action through film. Whit thrives in bridging the gap between science and engaging people’s hearts and minds. In addition to I Am Salmon, Whit directed This Land, both of which have screened at major outdoor and environmental film festivals worldwide. She continues to work in environmental advocacy and storytelling to stir awareness and systemic change.