Messages from the End of the World

Overwhelmed by the consequences of climate change, Doris and Charles are determined to do something.

Convinced that the solution is in the hands of young people, these two retirees sell their house in Zürich and buy a boat. Their idea is simple. Take five young Swiss people to the arctic circle to observe the signs of global warming and then raise awareness through social medias amongst their generation.

The great adventure begins. For three weeks, the crew of the San Gottardo is going to navigate in hostile but beautiful landscapes. Armed with cameras, these kids are going to document the health of the end of the earth

Action Opportunity…

Read about the Swiss Arctic Project and meet the young people that witnessed climate change first hand then shared their impressions on social media.

Filmmaker: Matteo Born

Running Time: 52 mins

Language: English, French, Italian, Swiss German (English Subtitles)


Matteo Born was born in Lausanne in 1990. He spent a few years studying cinema at the London College of Communication. He is now a young director working for the national television of Switzerland. He collaborates with a television program that has only one rule: tell human stories.