The Pangolin Man

In Uganda, the “Pangolin Man,” Moses, strives to save the most illegally traded mammal in the world, hoping to change the minds of the very people who hunt them through the use of education and alternatives to poaching. But with a lack of funding and resources, Moses must overcome his own struggles in order to achieve his goal. (Student Film – Falmouth University)

Action Opportunity…

Support Moses’ conservation work
with Pangolins and his local community.

Filmmaker: Ellie Stones

Running Time: 17 mins

Language: English

2021 ACFF OfficialSelection
Ellie Stones

Ellie Stones, Filmmaker

A 21-year-old photojournalist and filmmaker from the UK, Stones is a recent graduate of marine and natural history photography at Falmouth University. Her work examines the interrelationship between humans and nature, telling compelling stories that aim to impact our perceptions. Be it through photojournalism, documentary, or animation, Ellie has a determination to use various forms of visual arts to express a story.