Return of the Desert Bighorn

After all native desert bighorn sheep were eliminated from Texas by the 1960s, conservationists began the long fight for their return. Return of the Desert Bighorn follows wildlife biologists as they capture, collar, and relocate desert bighorn to restore a healthy population in West Texas.

Action Opportunity…

Read about the bighorn sheep restoration project from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Filmmakers: Ben Masters & Charles Post

Running Time: 9 mins

Language: English


Ben Masters is a filmmaker, writer, and horse packer who splits his time between Bozeman, MT and Austin, TX. He is most known his film, Unbranded, which was an ACFF favorite in 2015. He writes for National Geographic Adventure, Western Horseman, and is a published author. Master’s films have won awards at Telluride Mountainfilm, Banff, Hot Docs, the Equus Film Festival, and others.

Charles Post is an ecologist and filmmaker leaning on the communicative power of storytelling to inspire our next generation of stewards. Charles’ photography and writing has been published by YETI, National Geographic and Outside Magazine. Charles is an award-winning filmmaker, with recent films covering topics from bird of prey migrations, desert bighorn sheep conservation in West Texas and Hawaiian food security in the face of GMOs, to wild horse management in the Great Basin and golden eagles in Idaho’s Owyhee wilderness. He is currently working on a conservation themed children’s book with his wife, artist, Rachel Pohl.