Shepherdstown Sustainable Seafood

Shepherdstown Sustainable Seafood

For 30 years, The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute has led the way in developing environmentally-friendly, land-based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) technology, which grows high-quality fish, recycles water, repurposes waste and can be produced anywhere. With its Aquaculture Research Lab, the Freshwater Institute has expanded its capacity to conduct cutting-edge research and development projects to help move the aquaculture industry forward and meet consumer demand for protein that is healthy, safe, and sustainable.

Action Opportunity
Learn about how the Freshwater Institute, right here in Shepherdstown, is leading a movement to offer safe, sustainable seafood to inland areas.

Filmmaker: J.D. Belcher

Running Time: 2 mins

J.D. Belcher is a self-taught filmmaker in McDowell County, West Virginia . He created a commercial company, JJN Multimedia, and has since found himself collaborating with production teams associated with “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” and the academy award-winning director Michael Moore. With over 500 projects under his belt, his plan is to continue creating films that hopefully will inspire social impact.

Whitney Flanagan was the creative director on the film project.