The Witness is a Whale

Through never-before-seen archival footage, hidden documents, and personal records, The Witness Is a Whale reveals the secret, illegal slaughter of hundreds of thousands of whales by the Soviet Union and Japan. The film also recounts the post-whaling recovery of whales and highlights their importance to the health of our oceans.

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Filmmakers: Nick & Cheryl Dean

Running Time: 52 mins

Language: English

Nick Dean

Nick Dean completed a PhD in the UK and then moved to the US where he spent 25 years in a successful scientific career before founding Spindrift Images, a production company dedicated to capturing stories of the natural world and people whose lives intersect with the ocean.

Cheryl Dean

Cheryl Dean has been effectively communicating scientific discoveries to lay audiences at scientific research organizations throughout her career. She has been filming underwater since 2010. Cheryl has been the president of the San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition since 2015 and is a past board member of the San Diego Underwater Photographic penguins.