Junior Walk, an anti-coal activist in southern West Virginia, takes us through his battle with the coal companies and why he believes coal should stop being mined immediately. Meanwhile, local residents share why they disagree with Junior’s actions and how they believe the downfall of coal signifies the downfall of their economy.

Action Opportunities
Follow Mountain Hero, Junior Walk’s efforts. Today he works with Coal River Mountain Watch, Keeper of the Mountains Foundation, and RAMPS to end mountaintop removal mining, and travels the country with the Keeper of the Mountains Foundation educating people about the long-term environmental, health and community degradation caused by coal mining.

Will Gregg, Julia Keahey, Madeleine Van Dam, Onika Richards, Luke Watkins and Eddie Mostert completed the film Walk on the Mountain while they were students at Ithaca College in 2018.

Student Filmmakers: Will Gregg, Julia Keahey, Madeleine Van Dam, Luke Watkins, Onika Richards and Eddie Mostert

Running Time: 19 mins

Will Gregg

Julia Keahey

Madeleine Van Dam

Onika Richards

Luke Watkins

Eddie Mostert