Wild_Life – Resurrection Island

Sailing through some of the roughest ocean on the planet in a 50 ft sailboat, Bertie Gregory and his team’s target is a sub-Antarctic island renowned for its 9000 ft glaciated mountains that erupt straight up out of the ocean. Together with its breathtaking scenery, this island now claims one of the highest concentrations of wildlife on the planet. From Captain Cook’s discovery of South Georgia to the now abandoned whaling settlements, this island presents the very best and worst in our own human nature.

Action Opportunity…

Check out the United Nations Environment Program which illustrates how, if given the chance, natural systems can heal.

Filmmaker: Bertie Gregory

Running Time: 44 mins

Language: English

Bertie Gregory

Bertie Gregory has channeled a childhood obsession with wildlife into photography. Early on in his career, including been named a National Geographic Young Explorer and the Youth Outdoor Photographer of the Year. Bertie’s goal is to now find stories that get people to fall in love with the natural world and show that looking after wildlife is more than just a nice thing to do, it’s crucial to all our futures. He splits his time between producing/hosting a series for National Geographic called Wild_Life and being behind the camera as a cinematographer for the BBC’s next David Attenborough series.