October 16, 2020

Best of Fest – Charles Town

in partnership with the Jefferson Arts Council

Tickets $10/Adults
Students 18 & under FREE


October 16, 2020

Charles Washington Hall
100 W. Washington Street, Suite 200
Charles Town, WV 25414

Doors open. Fruit, cookies, lemonade provided by the Jefferson Arts Council (JAC).

Welcome and Wild_Life: Resurrection Island (44 minutes) – Tag along with National Geographic wildlife filmmaker Bertie Gregory to explore an island in the sub-Anarctic that was discovered by Captain Cook. The island was once home to a huge whaling settlement and nearly cleared of animal life. Now protected, it claims one of the highest concentrations of animals on the planet, including penguins and seals.

5:50 – 6:30
Reception, visit the JAC art exhibit and farm store Bushel & Peck downstairs. Crackers, cheese, cookies, soft drinks provided by JAC.

6:30 – 8:00
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (87 minutes) – A stunning sensory experience and cinematic meditation on humanity’s massive reengineering of the planet, the film took years to make. The filmmakers traversed the globe using state-of-the-art camera techniques to document the evidence of human planetary domination. At the intersection of art and science, Anthropocene witnesses a critical moment in geologic history.