Women on a Mission, Poachers to Peacekeepers

Women On a Mission

SUPER SHORT FILM AWARD WINNER – Josphine Ekiru, a peacekeeper in Northern Kenya, has risked her life spearheading the battle against ivory poaching and defusing conflict between pastoralists.

Be sure to watch the Conversations related to this film (choose with closed captioning (CC) or translated into American Sign Language (ASL): Telling the Stories of Female Leadership in Conservation with filmmaker Katie Bryden
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Action Opportunity

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Filmmaker: Katie Bryden

Running Time: 3 mins

Language: English

Katie Bryden

Katie Bryden, Filmmaker

Over the last five years, Bryden has worked in the non-profit sector leading productions – on land and at sea – across six continents, crafting compelling conservation short films from concept to delivery. She believes in telling conservation stories that respect indigenous and local community rights and voices while maintaining healthy sustainable ecosystems. She has worked with Conservation International, National Geographic, Smithsonian Channel, NOAA, Ocean Exploration Trust, and The Wilderness Society.