1000s of Bugs, 100 Islands, 1 Happy Entomologist

1000 Bugs_1

Chris Ernst is on a mission to find and catalogue all of the tiny creatures that creep, crawl, and fly around the Central Coast of British Columbia. 100 Islands research is a collaboration between the Hakai Institute, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Victoria.

Action Opportunity…

Learn more about the insects collected by the 100 Islands Project.

Filmmakers: Meigan Henry and Grant Callegari

Running Time: 6 mins

Language: English


Meigan Henry Based out of Victoria, British Columbia, Meigan Henry is the video producer and editor for both Hakai Magazine (www.hakaimagazine.com) and the Hakai Institute (www.hakai.org). Before she moved back to Canada, she worked as an editorial producer for the Digital Studio at Smithsonian Enterprises, and as Director of Production for the Missions Media division of the National Geographic Society. Meigan is passionate about working with scientists, artists, and communicators towards the shared goal of creating engaging and accurate science media.

Grant Callegari - Videographer

Grant Callegari is the Hakai Institute’s resident photographer and videographer. As a jack of all trades, he initially worked with the Hakai Institute on unusual and exciting backcountry projects, such as constructing a wooden fish weir to count sockeye salmon. Capturing stunning images along the way, he transitioned to a role with Hakai Media, where he goes between the field and the studio to showcase the best Hakai has to offer—often using his bush skills to improvise filming in remote locations.