Mabaeni Mkwani

2021 Next Gen Winners Announced

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Next Gen Capture Conservation Contest! Each year, ACFF encourages youth ages 5 to 18 to create a conservation film of their own about what the environment and nature means to them. These youthful voices from around the world captivated our panel of judges with thoughtful films on topics related to climate change, fast fashion, invasive species, pollution, and more! See the films» | Watch our interview with Mabaeni Mkwani»

Best overall – The Return of Kgodumodumo
Mabaeni Mkwani –  (South Africa)

10 & under – We Are Destroying the Earth
Zakoriah Hill –  (Maryland, USA)

11-14 – How to Be Sustainable
Surjin Banwait –  (California, USA)

15 – 18 – Buying Second Hand
Elouane Rogers – (West Virginia, USA)