H20: The Molecule that Made Us: Crisis

An increasingly globalized agricultural industry has become expert at turning precious water reserves into profit, “mining” water faster than it can be replaced. Crisis, the final hour of this 3-part series, examines how the planet’s changing water cycle is forcing us to change our relationship with water. The series visits locations including New York City, a surprising model for sustainable water infrastructure, and hope emerges that the water crisis is solvable.

Action Opportunity

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Filmmaker: Nicolas Brown

Running Time: 55 mins

Language: English

2021 ACFF OfficialSelection
Nicolas Brown

Nicolas Brown, Filmmaker

Brown’s previous feature film, The Serengeti Rules, won 23 major awards at festivals and an Emmy Award for Outstanding Nature Documentary. A regular at the BBC, Nicolas produced and directed Earth’s Natural Wonders, Human Planet, and Climate Chaos with Sir David Attenborough. His film The Truth About Global Warming with Tom Brokaw won an Emmy for best long form documentary.

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