My Brand New Car

My Brand New Car

A grandfather gives his grandson a new toy car for his collection, then another and another, until he sees him submerged in a world of road chaos and environmental contingency.


  • 2pm Saturday, March 11
  • 2:30pm Sunday, March 12

Filmmaker: Ian Morales

Running Time: 2:43

Language: Spanish, English

Type: Short

ACFF 2023 Official Selection
My Brand New Car - Ian Morales

Mexican filmmaker Ian Brandon Morales Carbajal graduated from the National School of Film Arts in Mexico City with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Direction; his final project was the student-award-winning short film The Water’s Whisper (2021). He’s been working with LIBRES FILMS company as a cinematographer for their audiovisual campaigns since 2018 and collaborated as a designer of gender perspective and human rights campaigns with Laboratorio Nacional de Diversidades from the Institute of Legal Research at UNAM.