My Garden of a Thousand Bees

A veteran wildlife cameraman seeking refuge from the pandemic films the wild bees that live in his city garden in Bristol, England with mind-blowing results. He sees over 60 species of bees and, more importantly, develops a close relationship with an individual bee he follows through its entire life.

Filmmaker: David Allen

Running Time: 53 mins

Language: English

David Allen

David Allen runs Passion Planet, a film production company specializing in science and natural history for landmark television and theatrical release documentaries. He has been awarded five documentary Emmys and eight Wildscreen Panda awards. As a Series Producer, David masterminded the multi-award-winning series Bug World, ITV’s Deep Jungle, and PBS/National Geographic’s Earth: A New Wild. Recent productions include a 3-part series on the water crisis entitled H20 – The Molecule that Made Us and Emmy-award winning The Serengeti Rules, a feature documentary on how nature works and why it matters.