ACFF Environmental Efforts


  • Whenever possible, our staff works from home offices in order to reduce fuel demand and pollution.
  • To reduce environmental impacts, staff has reduced their intake of meat and dairy and some are vegetarian.
  • Some of our staff has invested in zero emission, hybrid vehicles and walk to the office, weather permitting.
  • For long distance business trips, carpooling or public transportation is utilized as much as possible.
  • Meetings are often conducted using video conferencing with Zoom or via conference call to cut down on driving.
  • Some staff utilize a third-party electrical supplier to support renewable energy production.
  • At our home offices we compost, recycle, are mindful of thermostats, water usage and electricity draw.
  • Documents are electronically shared and stored unless a printed copy on recycled paper is needed.
  • Instead of mailed DVDs we use digitally transferred files, eliminating plastic discs and packaging waste from mailings.
  • We participate in and promote trash collection events, recycling drives and clothing swaps.


  • Whenever possible, we invite speakers and guests from our region in order to minimize travel impacts.
  • Ticketing is now done online or at the door so that very little printing is required.
  • To reduce demand for printed programs all festival information is now on our website and in mobile format.
  • Returned and extra printed programs are recycled after the festival.
  • Swag bags for VIP guests are now made from reusable canvas or paper.
  • Swag bags are filled with locally-sourced food and beverages and stainless-steel cups instead of promotional items.
  • ACFF’s physical awards are beautiful, hand-crafted water bottles made in WV so they’re decorative and functional.
  • We offer food and beverages with reusable or compostable cutlery and dishes and without straws.
  • ACFF offers plant-based options at every event where food is served.
  • Whenever possible, ACFF will pay to offset all air travel utilized for guests attending the festival at our request.

We’re always striving to do better so all suggestions for improvement are welcome!

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