Rancheros del Jaguar

In Sonora, Mexico, the most northern population of jaguars in the Americas comes into conflict with local cattle ranchers. A history of hunting has diminished these powerful cats, but a community of ranchers is changing their relationship with the jaguars and learning to coexist.

Action Opportunity
Learn about the program in Sonora, Mexico that encourages ranchers to co-exist with jaguars and other wild cats by paying them for photos of live jaguars caught with motion triggered cameras on their property here.

Filmmaker: Sara Matasick

Running Time: 11 mins

“I’m not just wild, I’m trained, domesticated…” is a good way to describe my experience so far, where wildlife ecology mated with visual communications. I am a wildlife filmmaker and ecologist and have always wanted to spread my love for nature. I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, but now live in Bristol, England. Recently, I finished my MA in Wildlife Filmmaking at the University of the West of England, and my film Rancheros Del Jaguar premiered in October 2017.