Saving Juliette

The high cancer rates became town folklore in Juliette, Georgia. Neighbors saw homes demolished, wells filled with concrete, and padlocks on the property gates. This film follows residents as they galvanize their community, question their political leanings, and work to hold their representatives accountable in a fight for clean water.

Filmmaker: Evey Wilson Wetherbee

Running Time: 39 mins

Language: English

Evey Wilson Wetherbee

Evey Wilson Wetherbee is a documentary filmmaker and journalist in Georgia. She is driven to create nuanced stories in her home state of Georgia that illuminate the experiences of real people often overcoming injustice. Wetherbee’s short films and cinematography have been published with the New Yorker, the New York Times, and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. She now teaches at Mercer University as an Assistant Professor of Journalism. She spent a year working on Saving Juliette, carrying gear and audio equipment well into her third trimester and editing this film during many late nights with a newborn.