In the mountains of northern Kenya, a Samburu community is building a sanctuary for orphaned elephants to rehabilitate them back to the wild. The project is also changing attitudes about women; the secret to the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary’s success is the special bond between a group of women keepers and one special elephant, Shaba.


  • 7pm Saturday, March 11
  • 12:30pm Sunday, March 12

Filmmaker: Ami Vitale

Running Time: 11:55

Language: English, Closed Captioned

Type: Short

ACFF 2023 Official Selection
Shaba - Ami Vitale

Ami Vitale creates unique stories that amplify the efforts of communities on conservation’s front lines. Her award-winning films illuminate the unsung heroes working to protect wildlife and finding harmony in our natural world.  Ami has been called one of the most influential storytellers of her generation and is Conservation International’s 2022 Innovators Fellow. She was awarded the Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service and the Lucie Humanitarian Award. Instyle Magazine named Ami one of fifty Badass Women. She is the founder and executive director of the women-led nonprofit Vital Impacts that is supporting the next generation of environmental storytellers.