Borneo’s Vanishing Tribes

A Student Film

In the forests of Borneo, a native community struggles to protect its ancestral homeland from an industry poised to destroy one of the Earth’s oldest and most biodiverse rainforests. Borneo’s Vanishing Tribes offers a glimpse into the lives of those who are most at risk, the Dayak “people of the forest,” who have relied on the forests for thousands of years.

Action Opportunity…

Explore ways to support conservation of the rainforest and its indigenous people by donating, volunteering and acting in your local community.

Filmmaker: Kent Wagner

Running Time: 23 mins

Language: English

Kent Wagner - Director

Kent Wagner is a filmmaker, photographer and audio producer focusing on environmental and cultural issues. A former engineering major at Berklee College of Music, he holds a degree in Electronic Media and Film from Northern Arizona University, and is presently completing an MFA in Environmental Filmmaking at American University in Washington, DC.