Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontline of the Poaching War

A thorough exploration of the emotional toll wildlife crime and poaching is having on the courageous women fighting on the frontlines around the world, this film shines a bright and inspiring light on their intelligence, compassion, strength and tenacity. Women of all creeds from the US, Rwanda, Kenya, Vietnam, South Africa are united in this one purpose to protect the last of our endangered species from disappearing.

Action Opportunity

Help protect endangered wildlife and the women
from our film whose communities they impact

Filmmaker: Kerry David

Running Time: 119 mins

Language: English

2021 ACFF OfficialSelection
Kerry David

Kerry David, Filmmaker

Beginning her career at Paramount Pictures and starting her own production company in 2001, David has been working in the film industry for over 20 years. In addition to her award-winning film work, David is a philanthropist through her non-profit, which is how she first learned of the challenges faced by Africa and Asia’s endangered species. She is also a voting member of BAFTA.


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