Feeling the Apocalypse

A psychotherapist struggling with climate anxiety explores what it means to live in a dying world.

Covering topics that range from the disappearing wildlife in his hometown, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, to news stories about the melting of Greenland, psychotherapist Anderson Todd explains how unravelling ecosystems around the world have affected his psyche and his relationships. How do we respond to collapse without collapsing ourselves?


  • 2pm Saturday, March 11
  • 2:30pm Sunday, March 12

Filmmaker: Chen Sing Yap

Narration: Anderson Todd

Running Time: 7 mins

Language: English

Type: Short/Student Film Award Winner

ACFF 2023 Student Film Award
Feeling-The-Apocolypse_Chen Sing

Chen Sing Yap grew up in Singapore, where he worked as a picture editor in television for 4 years. He gravitated toward long-form documentaries that covered social issues such as dementia, poverty, and conservation. In 2019, he moved to Oakville, Canada, where he began directing short films and is in his final year of Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Film and Television degree program. He is currently editing Desync, a narrative short on the things a mother and daughter can’t say to each other and is developing a documentary on guerrilla gardening in northwest Toronto.