A short documentary about saving species with lasers, drones, and fake exploding tortoise shells.

Building specialized drones, rovers, laser cannons, and exploding tortoise shells, biologist Tim Shields uses these weapons to wage an all-out technological war against ravens in a last-ditch effort to save the Mojave desert tortoise from extinction.


  • 7pm Saturday, March 11
  • 12:30pm Sunday, March 12


Brett Marty and Joshua Izenberg

Running Time: 16 mins

Language: English

Type: Short

ACFF 2023 Official Selection
EcoHack - Josh Izenberg

Josh Izenberg is a documentary filmmaker based in Oakland, California. His projects have covered surfing veterans, the search for extraterrestrial life, and controversial approaches to addiction rehab in Peru. His short documentary SLOMO won more than a dozen awards, including best short documentary at SXSW and the IDA award, and it premiered as a New York Times op-doc. His film Resurface won the Jury Prize at Tribeca, was acquired by Netflix, and was nominated for an Emmy.

EcoHack - Brett Marty

Brett Marty cut his teeth directing commercials and made the transition to filmmaking with a handful of documentary projects. His narrative directorial debut, Youth, won several jury awards and played at more than 30 festivals, including Cannes. His latest documentaries have been featured in Patagonia Films, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and National Geographic, among others. In previous lives, he studied ceramic sculpture at UC Berkeley, drove an old Buick from San Francisco to Argentina, and worked with Nate Silver as he launched Five Thirty Eight in 2008.