Ghost Ponds

ghost ponds

In the farmland of England, a search-and-rescue mission is underway. A team is excavating land haunted by ghosts… but these are not ordinary ghosts. While farming is burying England’s wetlands at an exponential rate, a grassroots movement seeks to reverse biodiversity loss by recovering a lost feature of the landscape – ghost ponds.

Filmmaker: Amanda Sosnowski

Running Time: 12 mins

Language: English

Amanda Sosnowski

An emerging female filmmaker, Amanda Sosnowski, is driven to create films that intensify our connection with the fundamental need to understand the physical and natural world. As we’ve seen how media can shape the way people think and act, Amanda is focused on harnessing that transformative power to bring a voice to the changing nature-human relationship through creative and relatable storytelling. With 6+ years specializing in marine science research, Amanda draws upon her extensive background in the natural sciences, integrating her scientific and creative knowledge to share compelling visual stories that matter. (Student Film – University of West England Bristol)