A fascinating documentary exploring the prospects of a plant-based society, adding insight into the link between climate change and meat consumption, a topic that Marianne Thieme, a Dutch politician, author and animal rights activist has kept in the media spotlight for over a decade.  Marianne speaks to experts about the need for a protein transition and an economy that no longer exceeds the carrying capacities of Earth in terms of resources and environmental space. As vegan and vegetarian options are becoming more culturally mainstream, the film documents the process of developing the ‘holy grail’ of meat substitutes: plant-based steak.

Filmmaker: Robert Van Tellingen

Running Time: 60 mins

Language: English and some Dutch with English Subtitles (one curse)

Robert Van Tellingen

Robert van Tellingen is a director, producer and journalist. He studied journalism and made numerous TV programs for Dutch national television. He produced and directed the films One Single Planetand #Powerplant, both in cooperation with the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation.