Shad Run

This short documentary film chronicles the abundance, demise, and triumphant revival of a fish, the American Shad, that is both famous and forgotten, highlighting the citizens who refused to let them fade away and those who are still united by the quest to fish the Potomac’s renowned shad run.

Action Opportunity…

Check out the film’s website, complete with a Tumbler post on shad from NPR’s Skunk bear.

Filmmakers: Ben Dorger and Becky Harlan

Running Time: 26 mins

Language: English

Ben Dorger and Becky Harlan

Ben Dorger is a filmmaker, photographer and journalist based in Ogden, Utah. He is currently a multimedia journalist at the Standard-Examiner newspaper in Utah. Ben started his career in D.C. as Senior Editor at Stone Soup Films and interning at USA Today and The Washington Post.

Becky Harlan is a video producer and photographer based on a house barge in DC’s Washington Channel. She has been obsessed with documenting Washington’s waterways since 2012. Currently, she works on the video team at NPR. Before that, she was a photo editor and writer for National Geographic’s photography blog.