Your Friend, Ranger Doug

You’ll be happy to meet Doug, a 94-year-old Glacier National Park ranger who confronts the decline of the park he calls home as he reflects on his life and the legacy he will leave behind, including many happy campers. (Student Film – Chapman University)


Action Opportunity

Plan your trip to Glacier National Park
to visit Ranger Doug

Filmmaker: Claire Jantzen & Sara Rose Nell

Running Time: 17 mins

Language: English

Claire Jantzen

Claire Jantzen, Filmmaker

Jantzen, a director and artist based in Los Angeles, is currently pursuing a BFA in film production at Chapman University with a focus in directing. She has worked with Nike, Target, Disney, American Girl, Netflix, and the Ad Council in creating docu-style short films and social content that focus on young voices in America, equality, and female empowerment. She’s focused on portraying human connection and self-expression.

Sara Rose Nell

Sara Rose Nell, Filmmaker

Currently studying film production with an emphasis in editing at Chapman University, Nell has created about a dozen documentaries, acting as producer, director, cinematographer, and editor. She has also worked as editor on a series of short independent films. After internships with The David Lonner Company and TinToy Productions, her plans include exploring different kinds of filmmaking and genres to evolve as a storyteller.