Humpback Whales – A Detective Story

In 2015, a 30-ton humpback whale breached onto Tom Mustill and his friend Charlotte’s kayak in Monterey Bay. Incredibly, both survived. Tom returns to California to find the whale and is drawn into an extraordinary community of whale obsessives and an urgent story about the future of these colossal animals.

Action Opportunities…

Investigate how to prevent vessel strikes to whales.

Learn what we can do about ghost nets in the ocean.

Filmmaker: Tom Mustill

Running Time: 59 mins

Language: English


Tom Mustill is a multi-award winning (inc. BAFTA, RTS, Broadcast, Panda, Jackson Hole) prime-time natural history and science director. Making films with gripping stories, compelling characters and visual flair. His films focus on stories from the frontiers of our relationships to animals, where humans and nature meet.